“Print finishing” is what turns the high-quality printing of your words, images and designs into useful and useable documents and products.


·  Booklets

When it comes to newsletters, programmes, orders of service and magazines, etc. our sophisticated booklet maker’s precise stapling and accurate folding means we can produce up to 1,000 of them


·  Bound documents

We have so many ways of binding documents that there’s “bound” to be one perfect for your needs!


  • Wire or plastic combs -  great for presentations, dissertations, scripts, manuals, photo albums or simply keep documents together.
  • UniBinder -  thermal binding that crimps the edges of up to A4 and makes for a stylish, professional finished document.
  • Perfect Binding – using hot glue we can create all kinds of softcover books with a spine and a strong, durable finish.

·  Creasing and folding

A sharp, accurate crease, especially on heavier-weight materials, will ensure that leaflets, cards and business cards, etc. don't crack or tear. And our equipment simply handles one or even two folds and even perforation for tickets or NCR pads.


·  Numbering

For transactional and carbonless (NCR) forms like purchase orders and invoices, or even for raffle tickets or discount cards or anywhere that sequential numbering is required.


·  Pads and notebooks

Perhaps for a particular event, as a giveaway or a way to promote your organisation or brand, pads are produced by spraying adhesive onto the side of a pile of paper. Simple but effective. 


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